Guide for Kentucky Derby Wagering at SBG Global

Guide for Kentucky Derby Wagering at SBG Global. Kentucky Derby wagering is the most exciting type of horse racing betting outside of the Breeders’ Cup There is nothing better than watching and wagering on Kentucky Derby odds.  Let’s consider a few things to keep in mind for Kentucky Derby wagering.

Kentucky Derby wagering oftentimes has you looking at a total of 20 horses going a mile and a quarter.  Many times you won’t know exactly which horse to wager on in Kentucky Derby odds.  There are some things to look at so you can narrow the Kentucky Derby wagering field.  It used to be when you were handicapping Kentucky Derby odds that you could look at the Dosage Index and Dual Qualifiers and narrow the field a good bit.  Those days have really ended since Dosage has meant next to nothing the past 10 years and Dual Qualifiers don’t mean much Guide more.  The Dosage Index was supposed to tell you if a horse could run a distance but it really doesn’t mean much anymore in Kentucky Derby wagering.  The Dual Qualifier system has also lost a lot of followers in recent years in Kentucky Derby wagering.

Another way to look at the contenders in Kentucky Derby wagering used to be how many prep races a horse had.  In the 1990’s the winners of the Derby averaged nine starts in their career heading into the Derby.  That number is down to six this decade in Kentucky Derby wagering.  Horses just don’t run as often in preparation for the Kentucky Derby.  This should make the job of handicapping in Kentucky Derby wagering more difficult since there are fewer races to go on but in the last two years the favorite has Guide won.

One thing that has stood the test of time in Kentucky Derby wagering is speed.  The Beyer Speed Figures can help you narrow the contenders in Kentucky Derby wagering.  In the last 15 years only two horse have won the Derby without getting at least one rating of 100 in a previous race.  10 of the past 15 winners had two speed ratings of 100 or more in their previous races.  The one handicapping factor that you know will narrow the field in this year’s Kentucky Derby odds is the speed factor so keep that one in mind.

Picking the winner in Kentucky Derby wagering is not easy but it can be done.  Consider the speed ratings as you make your Kentucky Derby picks this year.

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