Full Kentucky Derby Betting Field at SBG Global

Kentucky Derby betting in recent years as seen a full field of 20 horses. Many times Kentucky Derby odds showed horses that had very little chance to win but these horses definitely impacted the favorites in Kentucky betting. How important is the size of the field in Kentucky Derby betting?

Kentucky betting has seen full fields of 20 horses a total of 11 times since 1982. It is even more prevalent lately as in the last decade we have seen full fields the past four years and five of the past six years. The question becomes how many horses really belong in the Kentucky Derby betting field? A horse like Salute the Sarge earned most of his winnings at age 2. It will be interesting to see if he is entered for the Derby but most trainers take a shot even if their horse has little chance in Kentucky Derby odds. Other horses like Anak Nakal and Massive Drama have the earnings but have performed poorly but still could be entered and be in the Kentucky betting field. The bad news about horses that earn their money as two year olds is that it sometimes hurts a horse like Holy Byrn who doesn’t have the earnings but is running well.

As you look at Kentucky  betting you must take the full field into account because anything can happen. Traffic is a major problem with that many horses and favorites have fallen by the wayside in Kentucky Derby betting because of poor trips. Kentucky Derby odds will be influenced by the size of the field because post position becomes important. The rail is a terrible position in terms of Kentucky Derby odds as is the outside #20 post. The post position is usually not as important in other races but it can be critical in Kentucky  betting.

Keep the size of the field in mind as you look at Kentucky  betting this year. Examine the post position of your horse and make sure that it won’t negatively affect his chances in Kentucky Derby betting.