Exciting Kentucky Derby Odds at SBG Global

Kentucky Derby odds are probably the most analyzed of any horse racing odds all year long. Kentucky Derby odds are probably overanalyzed and scrutinized too much because of the race’s popularity. The race gives fans from all over the world a chance to get involved in online Kentucky Derby betting and hit a big ticket for a lot of money.

Kentucky odds usually have a total of 20 horses on the board. That means a ton of money will be wagered in online Kentucky Derby betting by both professional and public gamblers. Huge payoffs can happen on the Kentucky Derby odds board. Other than the Breeders’ Cup, the Kentucky Derby is the one chance to hit a really big score. Many fans realize this and take their one shot against Kentucky odds. This means a lot more money in the exacta, trifecta and superfecta pools on Kentucky Derby day.

As you look at Kentucky odds you will probably see more than one horse that looks appealing. Rarely does just one horse stand out as a sure winner and even when they do, the usually don’t win. Kentucky odds favorites have traditionally been terrible bets. Online Kentucky Derby betting gives you a multitude of choices and there are many factors to consider. You can look at jockeys and trainers, Beyer speed figures, post position, prep races, workouts, etc. as you examine Kentucky odds. These factors are important to consider not only for win, place and show bets in Kentucky odds but also for the exotics like the exacta, trifecta and superfecta. You can consider other factors like pedigree, stamina, past races, breeding, etc. You also must realize that the large field leads to higher payoffs in online Kentucky Derby betting because of the large pools.

There are a lot of so-called experts that will claim to have the winner in Kentucky odds. History has shown that usually they don’t. You are better off going with your own opinions and research rather than relying upon the so-called experts that look at Kentucky Derby odds.

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