Dual Qualifer Horses in Kentucky Derby Odds at SBG Global

Kentucky Derby odds will give you some of the most exciting betting opportunities of the horse racing season. One way that gamblers separate the contenders from the pretenders in Kentucky betting is by looking at dual qualifiers. What does that mean in regards to Kentucky odds?

Kentucky odds won’t tell you if a horse is a dual qualifier so you will have to look up the information yourself. What is a dual qualifier and how important is this Kentucky Derby betting factor? The Dual Qualifying horse has Experimental rankings combined with the dosage index. The horse has to be ranked within ten pounds of the top weight and they must have a dosage index of less than four. The dosage index used to get a lot of publicity in Kentucky odds since it was supposed to tell you how far a horse was likely to run. The lower the number was supposed to tell you the horse could handle a distance. Recently the dosage index has been less important in Kentucky odds.

Dual qualifiers will get a lot of publicity in Kentucky odds but that doesn’t mean the winning horse in Kentucky Derby betting will be a dual qualifier. Big Brown was not a dual qualifier in 2008, yet he went off as the favorite in Kentucky odds and won the race. Pyro got most of the press in regards to the Dual qualifier in 2008, yet he didn’t do anything.

As you handicap Kentucky odds there will be many factors to consider. The dual qualifier system is supposed to help you narrow the contenders from the pretenders and it can help but it is not the end all system as 2008 proved. What has made things different in recent Kentucky odds is the various ways horses are coming into the race. It used to be that horses traveled a similar path to reach the Kentucky Derby but with the success of horses like Barbaro, Smarty Jones and Big Brown, the paths to success in Kentucky  odds are different. Anything is possible now and horses don’t always fit into the neat box that the dual qualifier system shows.

Keep the dual qualifier system in mind as you look at Kentucky Derby odds but don’t make it your only Kentucky Derby betting handicapping factor.

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