Choices in 2009 Kentucky Derby Betting at SBG Global

Kentucky Derby betting choices begin with the basic win, place and show options. They are the most popular and well known but they are not the only choice you can consider when betting Kentucky  odds.

Kentucky  betting with win, place and show is easy enough to understand as you want your horse to finish first for the win, first or second for the place and first, second or third for the show. Exotic wagers in Kentucky  betting begin with the exacta. This is where you are picking the exact order of the first two finishers in Kentucky Derby odds. The quinella is similar in that you are picking the first two finishers in either order in Kentucky  odds. The trifecta in Kentucky  betting has you picking the exact order of the first three finishers. The superfecta in Kentucky  betting is where you are picking the first four horses in exact order. The exacta, trifecta and superfecta can be tough to hit with a 20 horse Kentucky  betting field so many people will key or box horses. This is where you put multiple horses into your Kentucky Derby betting wagers to increase your chances of winning. Boxing horses or keying a horse does cost more for the wager but it is a great way to hit a big ticket in Kentucky Derby betting.

Kentucky  betting can also include multi-race options that tie into the Derby. You have pick three’s and pick four’s that are tied into the Derby and you usually have the Kentucky Oaks-Kentucky Derby double as well. The Oaks-Derby double has you picking the winner of Friday’s Oaks and Saturday’s Derby. Pick three’s are where you select the winners of three consecutive races while pick four’s have you selecting four consecutive race winners. The Derby is probably also part of the Pick Six where you are selecting six straight race winners.

As you consider Kentucky Derby betting you should be aware that the cost of multiple wagers can add up if you are not prepared. Boxing horses and playing multiple race tickets can cost money. You must be well prepared with a bankroll and a plan if you want to have a chance to win money betting Kentucky Derby odds. The good news is that big money can be made with a number of these great Kentucky Derby betting options.

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