Big Kentucky Derby Odds at SBG Global

Kentucky Derby odds are full of longshots every single year.There are always a couple of horses that the public loves in Kentucky Derby betting and then a lot of double-digit longshots. How have longshots done in Kentucky odds through the years?

Kentucky odds throughout the years have seen longshots do pretty well. Recently though they have struggled a little bit. In 2008, Big Brown went off as the heavy favorite in Kentucky Derby betting and won easily. That doesn’t mean the favorite always wins in Kentucky odds because he does not. The second biggest longshot in Kentucky odds history came in 2005 as Giacomo won at odds of 50-1. The biggest longshot came in 1913 so nobody remembers Donerail who won that year. The third highest payoff was in 1940 and very few people remember Gallahadion. A horse that people will remember though came from the 1999 Kentucky Derby. His name was Charismatic and he went off at 31-1 in Kentucky odds. That horse saw his odds drop in the next two races and he would have won the Triple Crown but broke his leg in the Belmont. Some of the other big longshot winners in Kentucky Derby odds history were Proud Clarion, Exterminator, Dark Star, Thunder Gulch, Stone Street and Gato Del Sol.

It is always more fun to pick a longshot in Kentucky Derby odds than a favorite but really the fun comes in getting paid. Picking a horse at double-digit Kentucky Derby odds doesn’t do you any good if you don’t go to the window at the end of the race. That means you must separate contenders from pretenders as you look at Kentucky Derby odds. Finding the winner is never easy in horse racing, especially when you are looking for longshots.

As you look at Kentucky Derby odds it can be difficult to find the right longshot. Many of the recent Kentucky Derby betting fields have been full and that means 10-15 horses might have a legitimate chance to win. Finding just the right one can be difficult in Kentucky Derby betting but it sure is exciting when you do.

Take a look at betting longshots in the Kentucky Derby. History has shown you have a better chance than in normal horse races simply because of the size of the field and the public betting factor.

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