2009 Kentucky Derby Betting Information at SBG Global

Kentucky Derby betting gets more attention than any other type of horse betting during the year. The Kentucky Derby odds are analyzed and overanalyzed by nearly everyone. Picking a winner when 20 horses are going to the post is not always easy but it sure is exciting.

Derby betting has a lot of money on the line and that means big payoffs are possible. Fans and gamblers can really hit a big score in Kentucky Derby betting. The Kentucky Derby is one of the few races during the year where six figure payouts are possible with trifectas and superfectas. Even the exacta can pay big in Derby betting . Finding the right combination is the trick in Kentucky Derby betting.

Derby odds give you a lot to consider as you look to pick the winner and the second, third and fourth place horse. While the Kentucky Derby betting favorite doesn’t always win the race, the horse does get a lot of attention from the media and the public. In the past couple of years the favorites have done well with Big Brown winning in 2008 and Street Sense winning in 2007. You can make a case that Curlin was the favorite in Derby betting in 2007 but it was very close between Curlin and Street Sense that year.

As you look at handicapping Kentucky Derby betting odds there are a lot of things to consider. You can look at speed figures, pace, jockeys, trainers, workouts, etc. All of these factors are important in Derby betting whether you are looking at win, place and show or any of the exotic bets like the exacta, trifecta and superfecta. There are other things to look at as well from pedigree and class to post position and money earned.

Kentucky Derby betting is also the time of year when you will have touts saying they have the winner of the race. Everyone claims to have some magical system that picks the Derby betting winner. The reality is they don’t have anything that works all the time. There are no magical systems for picking Derby odds winners. For example, it used to be that the favorite never won the Kentucky Derby but the last two years that has changed.

Kentucky Derby odds give you a lot of great choices and the chance to hit a really big score. Open an Account and start gambling on the 2009 Kentucky Derby at SBG Global!