Winning Horse Race Bet Signs

Horse race betting involves looking at many factors, some of which are ignored by the public. A couple of those horse bet signs are what we want to look at.

Horse race bet winning can oftentimes start before the race begins.  Too many gamblers just look at the racing form and ignore the paddock and the post parade.  There will be many times you can spot a horse race bet winner from something you see in the paddock or the post parade.  The paddock and the walking ring are where many horse race betting experts make their final decisions on their horse race bet action for that race.  So how do you know what to look for in the paddock or the post parade in horse racing betting?

When a horse is ready to win he looks like it.  You will see a healthy coat with the mane and tail well groomed.  The eyes of the horse will be bright, his head will be up, muscles firm and ready for action.  Just as important in the horse race bet is looking for negative signs in the paddock or post parade.  You want to avoid the horse race bet where the horse is fighting the trainer or the handler.  You usually want to avoid horses that are sweating a lot or that have to be held tight.  Horses that have bandages are oftentimes not a good horse race bet.

Another interesting horse race bet tip to consider is whether the horse is wearing blinkers or not.  This information is available in the racing form so you won’t need to watch the post parade.  Usually blinkers are not a big horse race bet factor so don’t put a lot of stock in them.  There are many things you can look at in the post parade but for the most part you only want to avoid horses that look poor.  If the horse you chose in your horse race betting looks good then stick with your horse race bet.