Triple Crown Horse Racing Betting System

November 30, 2010 Horseracing

Horse racing betting systems for Triple Crown races is a little bit different because Triple Crown races involve more horses and more bettors.

The Triple Crown in horse racing betting starts with the Kentucky Derby; continues with the Preakness and concludes with the Belmont.

Horse racing betting systems for the Kentucky Derby involves looking at a number of factors while the systems for the Preakness and Belmont are simpler.  A horse racing betting system for the Kentucky Derby almost always involves betting against the favorite.  The favorite in the Kentucky Derby has traditionally been a loser.  That is not always the case in the Preakness or the Belmont so a good horse racing betting system keeps that in mind. Because of the popularity of the Triple Crown you also have to remember that the Derby winner will usually be a heavy favorite in either the Preakness or the Belmont in horse racing betting. As you look at Triple Crown horse racing betting systems you will need to remember some of the basics and have good information for your horse racing betting.  Quality information will help you make your Triple Crown betting more successful.  As you look to bet the Triple Crown races and develop a horse racing betting system you should look at factors like past performances, class, track conditions and most importantly, stamina.  It is not always easy to choose the horse racing betting winner in Triple Crown races.  The horses may not have run as far as they will in these races, especially the Belmont.  That makes it tough to find a quality horse racing betting system without a lot of guesswork. 

Keep in mind when you consider a horse racing betting system for Triple Crown races that the Derby is a wide open betting affair where longshots rule the day.  The Preakness is more of a favorite’s race with shorter prices while the Belmont could be anything from a short price to a longshot closer.  That is what makes coming up with a horse racing betting system for Triple Crown races somewhat difficult.

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