Horse Betting

Horse betting is called the most exciting two minutes in sports and for a good reason, betting horses can make you a lot money in a short amount of time.

For those of you looking to pick up some horse betting tips, we would like to provide some insight that should assist you when betting the horses. The first place most horse handicappers begin analyzing a horse race is by looking at the racing form. These forms are available at the race track, at newsstands and are now available online at most horse betting sites. From the form, began to study the trainer and jockey.

It’s common that many people will look at the past performances but for the most part, it is too difficult for the average handicapper to gain too much out of past races. The average handicapper can, however, easily pick up on trainer and jockey percentages. This will narrow down many horses from you handicapping process and give you a good place to start your horse bet.

The next place to look at after trainer and jockey is at recent races, but you don’t need to look to far. Frequently you can just throw out anything that has happened if it is not recent. The past three races are your best indicator of how a horse is likely to perform in the current race.

You should look at the finishing position and the speed figures, which are listed in the horse betting racing form and are based on how the horse did in his last race on a particular track and against the field he or she faced. You can take the speed figures of the last three races of a horse and judge those numbers against the rest of the field. This should give you a decent idea of how the race and horse betting odds will shape up.

In addition to the trainer, jockey and recent form; go a little more in depth and look at the horses that are suited to a particular course or a particular surface. Some horses run better on grass than they do on dirt and some horses are suited to a particular distance. This last part is really true, as some horses are bred for stamina while others are bred for speed.

Our final horse betting tip is to look beyond the obvious favorites and search for value. Although this is easier said than done, keep in mind that betting horses successfully is about finding value. You can’t consistently bet favorites and win. You also aren’t likely to find long shots that consistently win. You have to be somewhere in the middle. You can also incorporate exotics into your horse betting which may result to be your best bet or all.