World Golf Championships on Golf Betting at SBG Global

July 9th, 2024 Golf Betting

Not much changes in the world of golf betting in terms of format and procedure and that’s what makes the World Golf Championships (WCG) such a breath of fresh air. Anyone that has ever made a golf bet on one of these fascinating golf betting tournaments simply cannot wait to get out and try it again. Golf bets rarely vary in terms of the players and handicapping involved when it comes to tournaments played in traditional format.

That’s WGC events are so entertaining for fans that like to make golf bets. The upcoming Accenture WCG event will be another remarkable golf bet opportunity and will feature some of the best golfers in the world if not most of them. And for anyone that has never made a golf bet this is without a doubt a great opportunity to enjoy what golf betting has to offer.

For the uninitiated, World Golf Championships events vary tremendously from other events that people would place a golf bet on in the fact that they are single elimination events. Whereas in traditional events that people would place a golf bet on feature a wide open contest played over four days with the low score among the golf bet field declared the winner. In WCG events players go head to head and the low score wins. It’s quite a departure for golf bet fans but nonetheless a very exciting way to place a golf bet.

Most pro golfers love the format and the break from the normal monotony of the PGA golf bet schedule that it provides. And these types of events certainly have done wonders for the world of golf betting. With so many head to head contests going on there are multiple golf bet opportunities every day whereas in a traditional golf betting tournament the chances to make a golf bet are somewhat limited.

World number one Tiger Woods has won the event 2 out of the 7 times its been held and will of course be the favorite among golf bet enthusiasts. But one player anyone planning on making a golf bet should keep an eye on is David Toms. Toms has won the event once and finished second once during its short history.


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