Woods Looking to Rebound at PGA Championship Betting

July 9th, 2024 Golf Betting

PGA Championship betting fans are going to see something rare this August. It’s not often that fans witness Tiger Woods trying to ‘rebound’ from anything but that’s what he’ll be attempting to do at this year’s betting the PGA Championship action.

After possibly his worst performance at a Major event –or perhaps any professional event- he’ll attempt to rebound from his awful performance and claim yet another PGA Championship betting to add to his growing collection.  PGA Championship betting odds makers have already placed him firmly at the top of the odds list and most people betting the PGA Championship will place their money on the world’s number one. But is it really that simple? Can the PGA Championship betting really be boiled down to such a simple formula? Perhaps, but not likely this year as the golfing gods have not sided with Woods –at least not in Major play.

After getting skunked in the first three Majors of the year Woods is hungry for a PGA Championship betting win. And it would seem that he’s in it to win it, considering that only three times in his career has he gone a full year without capturing a Major title, thus the odds would seem to be in favor of him coming out on top of the betting the PGA Championship field. But it’s not quite that simple and that type of poetic justice may not be played out in the PGA Championship betting this year.

We expect Tiger to win simply because he’s Tiger, but there are definite reasons why he’s yet to hoist a Major trophy this season and he very well could go winless at the PGA Championship betting event as well. The 2009 season has been arguably the most erratic of his career. At times he seems to be playing the best golf of his career while at other moments he’s making mostly errors.

He’s won plenty; nearly half of the tournaments he’s won this year, but he’s done it hard way: scrambling to save par after errant drives or long approaches, and the course at the PGA Championship betting might not be so forgiving. In fact, the Major courses, including betting the PGA Championship course, are not as forgiving as the regular event courses.

Tiger is more than capable of winning the PGA Championship betting title, everyone knows that. But he must cut down on the mistakes and play much better in the PGA Championship betting competition than he’s played at the previous Majors. That’s an obvious statement, but so far in the Majors, Woods has made too many mistakes. It won’t be easy to rebound from the awful performance at Turnberry and 2009 could very well be another year that he fails to win the PGA Championship betting and gets shut in Majors for just the fourth time in his career.


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