Winning Golf Odds at SBG Global Sports Betting

July 9th, 2024 Golf Betting

Golf odds are popular for some gamblers to consider because they offer good chances to make money. Betting on golf can be very exciting and profitable for gamblers around the world. Golf odds in terms of golfers to win a tournament can be enticing.  You will have golfers listed at over 100-1 each week, especially when Tiger Woods is involved.  Woods attracts a large amount of action and his golf odds are always low.  That means golf odds on other players are usually higher than they should be.  With Tiger Woods dominating golf it is sometimes difficult to pick someone else to win a tournament.  If you are able to pick someone else though and they do win, you will hit a huge score on the golf odds board.

Picking winners of Winning Golf Odds tournaments can be a little difficult so many gamblers decide to bet golf odds matchups.  Golf odds matchups are put up by the sportsbooks before the tournament begins and very often give gamblers good value.  Instead of having to pick just one golfer to beat everyone else in a tournament, golf betting odds matchups give you the choice of just picking one golfer to beat another golfer.  Many expert gamblers that look at golf odds focus exclusively on the golf betting odds matchups.  They will do their research on the tournament for the week and then look at golf odds matchups that give them value.  That is why you will oftentimes see golf betting odds matchups move a great deal.  For example, you might have a golfer start out at -150 against another golfer in a matchup and close at -200.  This is a major move on the golf betting odds board but it is not uncommon.

Winning Golf Odds can be profitable if you understand what to look for.  Focusing on matchups is usually the best way to win when looking at golf odds.  It is just too difficult to pick a golfer to win a tournament unless you are picking Woods.  Betting matchups is usually the better way to get value and to have a real chance to win money each week as you bet golf tournaments.  Take a look at some of the matchups that involve the Top 30 or 40 players in the world and examine the statistics for the week’s tournament.  You should be able to find some statistical edges that give you a chance to make money each week.


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