Will Woods be able to return to golf wagering after surgery at SBG Global?

July 9th, 2024 Golf Betting

There are very few athletes in the history of the world that have dominated their respective sports the way that Tiger Woods dominates golf wagering. Consider that in the past decade that Tiger has been a pro in the odds on golf competition there has only been one year that he has not finished the year as the top player in golf wagering. He is so far ahead in the world golf wagering rankings that he has more than twice the points of the number golfer, but he will soon face his biggest golf challenge and it has nothing to do with odds on golf competition on the course.

Tiger Woods recently underwent extensive surgery on his left knee to correct some nagging problems that have been hampering his golf wagering competition. But this was much more than just a routine scope and odds on golf commentators are beginning to wonder whether or not he will able to return after the surgery and be the same golf wagering demon as before.  This is hardly the first time Woods has had to go under the knife to repair his knee and this could have a major impact on his golf wagering performance.

This is in fact the third time that he has had hi knee worked on. And aside from the work on his knee, golf wagering fans point out that he also has a broken leg. The fracture itself isn’t worrying to the odds on golf crowd, but the fact that he sustained it by overcompensating for his weak knee certainly gets his golf wagering fans nervous. We’ve seen Tiger bounce back from surgery and injury in the past and if anyone in golf wagering can do it, it’s certainly him.  He is by far the best conditioned athlete in golf wagering and prides himself in his conditioning.

But the amount of torque that he puts into his shots requires that he twist his body up like a spring and that, as any golf wagering fan can tell you, is not goof on you knees. The longer he plays the worse it will be on his joints and many golf wagering experts predict that if he doesn’t reconfigure his swing, persistent injuries could end his golf wagering career prematurely.