Wachovia Championship golf odds breakdown at SBG Global

July 9th, 2024 Golf Betting

Golf odds makers have been scouting the Wachovia Championship for months. This year’s event will feature some of the top golfers in the world of golf betting odds and will bring the golf odds schedule one step closer to the 2008 US Open.

With the Wachovia event just around the corner many golf odds experts have already started previewing the upcoming event. Golf odds on the Wachovia Championship are still highly fluid and much of the final golf odds will depend on how well participants do at the events between now and then.

As with any golf betting odds tournament momentum is key and a player’s performance in golf odds events previous to the Wachovia will have great bearing on the chances the golf odds makers give them in this event. But for anyone looking to start early on the golf odds, you need only look at the world rankings and the recent finishes of the players in the golf betting odds to know which players have the best chances of winning the golf odds at this upcoming event.

This year the Wachovia tees off on May 1st and runs through the 4th. It is one of the relatively new events in PGA golf odds having been established in 2003 but is quickly becoming of the most popular golf betting odds events on tour. Last year’s golf odds winner Tiger Woods will not be participating in this year’s golf odds. The World’s number one golf and unanimous favorite in the golf odds week in and week out has been sidelined by knee-surgery and will be absent from any golf betting odds event for 4-6 weeks.

While this news will certainly disappoint some golf odds fans others will find it refreshing to see another golfers name at the top of the golf odds for once. Golf odds fans should expect a full field here as the purse is an impressive $6.3 million. This is also one of the few PGA golf odds events held in the state of North Carolina and the May weather should be perfect for players and golf odds fans alike.


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