The thrill of Betting on the Masters Tournament at SBG Global

November 30, 2010 Golf

Golf betting is never easy but it certainly doesn’t get much harder than it does in the form of the Masters betting.

There are so many different variables in every golf betting tournament but everything is magnified when it comes the Masters betting. It is perhaps the most difficult golf betting event there is, but with the right preparation it hardly impossible to place an accurate wager.

Golf betting season has just started again in the year 2008 and so there’s not a huge body of evidence to sort through it order to ascertain which players are doing well in the golf betting so far and which are not. Fortunately there are still several weeks and a handful of golf betting events left until the Masters betting begins. Golf betting fans should use these events to try and glean as much knowledge about players at they can before the big event rolls around.

So far the golf betting winners on the PGA Tour has been a mix of savvy veterans and relative unknowns which makes it difficult to decipher exactly which players have the momentum heading into the Masters betting that may carry them over the top. Tiger Woods, a tour winner, is always a favorite in any type of golf betting and his win sheds little light on the mysteries of the Augusta golf betting. Phil Mickelson’s recent win though shed light on how he ready he is for the Masters betting in 2008 and he appear to be in fine form. If Mickelson is playing well he can master Augusta and give even Woods a run for his money in the golf betting odds. Chances are Mickelson’s name will be among the leaders for at least the first two days but he has an awful knack for blowing leads when it comes to major golf betting, especially at Augusta.

But a look through the other winners provides some further golf betting insight. Veteran KJ Choi has looked very sharp in 2008 and his game is well suited for golf betting success at the Masters. However, like Mickelson, Choi is great out of the gate but traditionally has a tough time finishing. The other winners are unkowns by the name so JB Holmes, DJ Trahan and a few others. Whether or not these guys’ run will carry on into the Masters remains to be seen, but traditionally unknowns have a tough time when it comes to golf betting at the Masters.

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