The Masters Odds: Keep an Eye on the Old Guard at SBG Global

February 22nd, 2024 Golf Betting

The Masters odds makers face a real conundrum when approaching the competition this year. In most sports, the advantage goes to the young but in the sport of golf and especially in The Masters betting odds this not always the case. And this year, perhaps more so than in any recent set of The Masters , oddsmakers will have to choose between youth or experience, and it could very well be that the old guard has the advantage in The Masters competition.

The Masters have for decades featured names like Mickelson, Els, Furyk, Goosen and Singh. But in the broader canvass of professional golf these players have been losing their ground in the rankings and enter The Masters odds a bit worse for the wear. No longer does their swing come quite as easily nor is their power what it once was when they made their debut at The Masters betting odds competition.

But for all the ground they’ve lost in the rankings, and the tightness in their swing these are still dangerous men in The Masters competition. The Major events on the tour and especially The Masters event prize consistency and toughness over a pretty swing and booming drive. A quick glance through The Masters betting odds history reveals that there not many one-hit wonders that claim The Masters odds title. Generally it is the well-seasoned veterans and big names that claim The Masters title.

And so this year when The Masters betting makers look through the top ten rankings there are a lot young new faces. While these players may have done well in the past year at the regular tournaments, The Masters competition is hardly a ‘regular’ tournament.

In contrast to most sports, age can actually be a virtue when it comes to playing in The Masters event. Augusta is a gorgeous course, but it’s not necessarily one that plays all that long. Smarts and handy wedge play will serve a play much more in The Masters odds event that youth and monster drives. And experience, something the young lack, is something that the wily veterans will have in spades in The Masters odds in 2009.

So when you’re thumbing through The Masters in the coming weeks and you see names like Mickelson, Els, Furyk, Goosen and Singh, don’t be too hasty to trade these names in for the new and shinier names of the newly minted top ten players listed atop The Masters this year.

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