The Masters Odds Are a Factory of Great Moments at SBG Global

October 3rd, 2017 Golf

Ask any betting fan what draws them to the Masters betting odds and they’re likely to yell you about all the great and memorable moments that have occurred at the Masters odds event in the past.

The Masters odds are highly sought after for many reasons. And it is this simple element, the fact that a great moment can occur at any time, which sets the Masters odds apart from the other golfing odds. The Masters odds seem to be riddled with great and historic moments.

These amazing moments are so frequent that any if the Masters betting odds were any lesser an event, they would certainly be discounted as cheap. But there is simply something about the greatness of the course and the high level competition that conspire to bring out the best –and the worst- in the Masters odds field year after year. In their essence, the Masters betting odds are a really nothing more than a collection of great moments.

And when it comes to great moments in the history of the Masters odds there are few players –if any- that have been a part of so many great moments in the Masters betting odds than Tiger Woods. The incredible putt he made down the stretch in his epic come-from-behind win in 2007 that seemed to break 180 degrees. Or the miraculous chips of his earlier years, there is simply no player that enjoys the magic of the Masters odds competition like Woods.

But Woods is hardly the only great player in history to enjoy great moments and great success in the Masters odds competition. In fact, the course seems to bring out the best in the great ones, and the greater the player the greater success they seem to have in the Masters odds. Take for example Jack Nicklaus who gave the Masters odds fans one of the greatest moments in tournament history when he won his sixth the Masters odds title at the ripe old age of 46.

But Augusta can be just as awesome in its destructive power as well. Just as Greg Norman or Phil Mickelson who have been completely destroyed by the Masters odds course. Perhaps the two greatest melt downs in PGA history have been perpetrated here in the Masters odds competition by these two men for all the world to see. And what about former winner John Daly’s memorable experience with a water hazard in this tournament, a ridiculous event that would have ruined a lesser man, but seems par for the course in the Masters odds competition.

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