The Masters Betting

December 3rd, 2010 Golf Betting

The Masters betting comes around but once a year, but the quality, entertainment and tradition surrounding the Masters golf betting is so great that any greater frequency would likely overwhelm most of the Masters odds bettors.

No other golf tournament on the Tour, not even the other Majors, resonates the same way in the sporting world as the Masters betting and the Masters odds. And this year’s edition of the Masters betting odds proves to be as intriguing as they’ve been in years, creating a perfect opportunity for anyone looking to bet on the Masters.

The Masters betting attracts all kinds of sports fans, in some cases people that may not even bet on any other golf odds all year aside from the Masters odds.

The status of the Masters betting odds has been elevated to a much higher plane than any other PGA event held in the US and on a global scale the only golf event that can rival the Masters betting is perhaps the British Open.

Heading into the Masters betting this year the big story –as it is every time it’s time to bet on the Masters- is Tiger Woods. The entire sporting world and especially the Masters odds makers are waiting with baited breath to learn whether the world’s best golfer will participate in the Masters betting competition or not. Sidelined for nearly a year with a knee injury, Woods’ status for the Masters Golf betting is uncertain.

There is no doubt he’d love to be featured in the Masters odds, but if the knee isn’t ready to go there’s not much he can do. But as anyone that’s every participated in the Masters betting knows, you should never count Tiger out.

However, if Woods’ name isn’t featured in the Masters betting lines there will be a huge opportunity for some other player to step in and grab the Green Jacket. For most golfers on the PGA Tour this is something like a once in a career opportunity and you can be sure the players in the Masters betting competition will bring their “A” game and the fans can expect the very highest level of the Masters betting with or without Woods in the line up.

So be prepared for one of the most exciting tournaments of the year and get ready for the Masters betting season to begin in earnest –it could be one of the best yet!

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