The Masters Betting: Three Things to Watch at SBG Global

November 30, 2010 Golf

The Masters betting can hardly be broken down into neat components that be independently assessed.

But if history is any indicator there are several things that all of the Masters golf betting fans should keep an eye. With so many variables going into winning the Masters betting title it’s rather impossible to try and keep abreast of all of them, but certainly there are several prominent factors which could prominently shape the Masters betting in 2009.

The Masters betting main story line this year (and every other golf tournament this year) is whether or not the great Tiger Woods will be healthy enough to play or not. Woods has already been made the big favorite in the Masters betting odds, even though he’s yet to commit to even playing in the Masters golf betting event. Woods’ presence is important to the Masters betting results for obvious reasons. But one fact that many of the Masters betting fans don’t realize is that other golfers shoot significantly higher scores when Woods is in the field. No one knows for sure why, but the result is even more pronounced at Major events like the Masters betting. But of course it is talent that has won Woods a title at the Masters betting 4 times prior and it is talent, not poor play that’s likely to win him his fifth title at the Masters betting.

Secondly, anyone thinking of gambling on the Masters golf betting event have to be mindful of the weather. With all the crazy weather patterns the US has been having lately April at Augusta could be 80 degrees or 20 degrees, the Masters betting odds makers certainly don’t know. It’s hard to say which players a cold front would favor but, the Masters betting course would likely play sloppy and any player that got out to an early lead prior the weather would have a very good shot at the Masters betting crown. There are actually a great number of ways the weather good or bad could affect the Masters betting, but they’re not at all predictable.

Third, look for the fresh faces at the Masters betting to make an impact. There are all kinds of talented new young players on Tour these days and they’d love to shake up the old guard by claiming the Masters betting title. With players from all corners of the world under the age of 25 climbing the world rankings this could be the year of the young unknowns at the Masters betting.
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