Take a Blind Shot at the Betting on Golf Odds at SBG

Take a Blind Shot at the Betting on Golf Odds at SBG

October 9th, 2018 Golf, Sportsbook

A clear difference exists between now and before the fall of Tiger Woods.  More emphatically gamblers have discovered the thrill of Betting on Golf rather than a larger than life superstar.  Gone are the days when an entire sport revolved around its biggest name.  To exemplify when Woods dominated golf he also rules the betting board.  Since his demise, gamblers have been forced to actually do their homework.  As a result, golf betting has become much more sophisticated.  To be exact the level of depth and expertise of golf bettors has never been greater.

Two Ways to Do It

At the beginning there are two main ways that you can wager on golf.  First is the obvious choice of betting on who will win an individual tournament.  Subsequently you can wager on matchups within a tournament.  To be exact you can gamble on young stars such as Jordan Spieth going up against veterans like Woods.  What’s more you can try your luck on lesser known quality players against overpriced superstars.  Most of all you will find that golf has the same dynamics as football and soccer.  To begin with there are players that are name brands with big price tags.  Balanced against that are lesser known players that offer potentially superior wagering value.

Irresistible Challenge

Of great concern is how difficult it is to pick the winner of a golf tournament. As a consequence, many gamblers find this challenge irresistible.  In fact, that is a big part of the draw and attraction to Golf Betting.  In the same way that the sport is difficult so too can handicapping it become a supreme challenge.  Along the same lines there is plenty of help for anyone undertaking the challenge.

Best and Worst

Correspondingly each golfer will have his best and worst courses.  In a similar way some golfers come up big in “Major” tournaments.  Counter to that are players that wilt under the pressure of such tournaments as the Masters or The Open.  In other words, there will be gamblers that succeed or fail based on the situation at hand.  As is the case with other sports golfers will stand out or fall apart based on pressure and locale.

Matchup Betting

Matchup betting is a preferred option for many gamblers.  Commencing with the difficulty of picking the tournament winner matchups are a more viable alternative.  Initially you will see a few competitors listed with odds against each other.  Above all instead of having to pick one golfer out of 100 you can pick one against three or four.  More emphatically such matchups offer pinpoint handicapping.  Supplementing that is the ability to focus on just a few players.  To this end a gambler can save time and effort.  What’s more such handicapping can more easily locate the best sportsbook value.

Money Line Odds

It follows that betting on the tournament winner or matchups involves money line odds.  Namely you will lay out money on the chalk or take odds with the dog.  Jordan Spieth may be a +300 choice to win the tournament.  To illuminate you would bet $100 to win $300 on him.  At the same time Spieth may be a -250 favorite choice in his matchup odds with two other gamblers.  Because of this you would lay out $250 to win $100.

Wild Card Element

By contrast to other sports golf has a great wild card element.  Definitely unexpected winners emerge in several tournaments each year.  Concurrently this means that risking money on an underdog could bring more consistent profits.  Embracing the underdog is a key to long term wagering success at golf.  Equally important is for gamblers to avoid big favorites.  Increasingly wagering on the chalks is not conducive for long term viability for your bankroll.  As has been noted golf tournaments have too many upset winners.

Long Season

Consistent with all of the opportunities that golf offers a gambler is the long season.  Take the case of tournaments running almost all year long.  And then there are special events and futures betting too.  Especially popular is futures betting on the Masters and The Open.

Become an Expert

Owing to numerous websites you can become a golf betting expert in a matter of a few hours.  And while casual public betting focuses on just two or three events opportunities abound every week. Following this comes the potential for great money making at golf!

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