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November 30, 2010 Golf

Ryder Cup betting is a bit different than other forms of golf betting since there are different options available.

Normally in golf betting the outcome is decided in strokeplay but not with Ryder Cup betting. As you look at the Ryder Cup odds remember that results are based on each hole and then cumulatively added together.  If the players have the same score on a hole then the hole is halved.

Ryder Cup betting will see Europe facing the United States in foursomes, fourball, and singles play. The players on each team compete against the other team in this format with the winner of each match getting a point. If the teams are tied then the match is halved and each team gets a half point.

Ryder Cup odds show that the competition opens up with foursomes on Friday and Saturday. There are four matches on each day and only one ball is used by each pairing in foursomes. For example, let’s say that Phil Mickelson and Kenny Perry were paired together. Mickelson would tee off, Furyk would hit the next shot, Mickleson would putt, and so on until the hole is over. The rotation would change on the next hole. Ryder Cup betting would show that the team with the lowest score wins the hole.

The next type of competition in Ryder Cup betting is fourball. That is where the teams have pairs of playing against each other. Ryder Cup betting shows that fourballs have four balls in play, one for each player. The player with the lowest score among the four players wins the hole for his team.

Ryder Cup betting really picks up on the final day when 12 singles matches are played. All of the players go head-to-head with a player from the opposing team. Ryder Cup odds are great to bet in singles play. Singles are also where everything is decided in Ryder Cup betting since they are the last part of the event.

As you get involved in Ryder Cup betting you will see a different type of scoring.  You will notice scores like two up or two down. You will see results like 3&2 in Ryder Cup betting and that means the player was three holes ahead with only two to play, therefore, victorious in Ryder Cup odds.

When players are tied it is referred to in Ryder Cup betting as “all-square.”

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