Torrey Pines will play long for the US Open Bet fans at SBG Global

US Open bet fans are accustomed to seeing Torrey Pines play a certain way.

In recent tournaments held at Torrey Pines the scores have been low and there has been plenty of reason to believe that the US Open betting might dip deep into the red when the US Open bet season rolls around this year. But that’s probably not going to happen as courses seem to take the challenge of hosting the US Open bet event as an invitation to make the world’s most difficult round of golf.

US Open bet fans familiar with Torrey Pines know that after its massive redesign in 2002 the course plays especially long. Still, this hasn’t prevented low scores from being recorded here and many US Open bet fans would like to see this continue when the US Open betting begins in June; but based on past US Open bet events that doesn’t seem likely. The US Open bet tournament planners will likely use the courses length as its starting point and assemble a difficult US Open betting layout around it.

The groundskeepers will likely narrow the fairways in order to challenge the US Open bet contestants off the tee blocks and make them pay a handsome US Open betting ransom by lining the fairways with diabolical rough. The US Open bet events are infamous for their rough which more closely resembles a hay field than a top ranked course. But that’s also part of the charm of making a US Open bet and the US Open betting in general.

The pin placement should also play havoc with many US Open bets, and if the grounds keepers want to get really crazy they might even leave off watering the greens for the week before the US Open tournament gets underway, just to harden them up. But for the nay-sayers in the US Open bet world who think it will be a repeat of the US Open betting disaster at Oakmont last year, there is rumors in the US Open bet community that the tournament is looking to tone down the difficulty a bit this year and we could see the easiest US Open bet layout in years. After all, US Open bet fans will note that the course can play easier and yielded a 62 earlier in the year to Tiger Woods.