Phil is Back in PGA Championship Betting!

November 30, 2010 Golf

PGA Championship betting hosts have plenty to worry about every year with lengthy lists of logistical concerns that go along with putting a betting the PGA Championship event together.

Some things, like the weather, a PGA Championship betting event coordinator is helpless to control. Another element that that PGA Championship event hosts are helpless in controlling is player participation and so it’s surely with great relief that the coordinators of this year’s betting the PGA Championship event received the news that Phil Mickelson will be in the field.

PGA Championship betting events are always among the favorite events for most PGA players. And it’s not just for the simple fact that the betting the PGA Championship events are Majors. That obviously helps sweeten the pot, but the experience itself is often treasured by the players –at least the American players. The PGA Championship betting events tend to play on long course with wide open fairways, beautiful natural settings and the possibility for low scoring abounds. The betting the PGA Championship events are almost like a reward for gutting it out the first three incredibly difficult Majors and one that the players can savor. The PGA Championship betting event is a players’ Major, so to speak.

And so it’s with little surprise and great relief that word of Mickelson’s entry has been met by the betting the PGA Championship organizers and fans. One of the favorite players on the tour Mickelson has huge drawing capacity. But more than that he’s also one of the finest golfers in the PGA Championship betting field –or any field for that matter- and is Tiger Woods’ fiercest rival.   

The rivalry may not be perfect considering that Woods generally gets the better of Mickelson (especially at PGA Championship betting events) and Phil has a spectacular weakness for finding new and creative ways for losing Major events, but he’s the closest thing that Tiger has to an equal on the Tour.

These two men will head the PGA Championship betting odds and if anyone had to try and predict a winner at the 2009 PGA Championship event the odds that it will be one of these two guys are pretty high. The only question that remains is whether or not Mickelson has collected some rust in his game. It doesn’t seem likely as he hasn’t missed too much time and works with the best swing coach in the business.

If anyone can take time off and be ready for the 2009 PGA Championship betting event, it’s Phil.

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