PGA Championship Odds Look Ahead at SBG Global

November 30, 2010 Golf

PGA Championship odds betting can be one of the most challenging, yet rewarding experiences in sports wagering.

With so many different sources for PGA Championship odds these days it’s also easier than ever to bet on the PGA Championship odds. With just several weeks before the big event is slated to go down there are a few things to remember when approaching the PGA Championship odds.

PGA Championship odds betting is somewhat different from ordinary golf betting as it’s one of golf’s four Majors. The Major events in golf consist of the Masters, the US Open, the British Open and of course the PGA Championship odds event. But even among the Majors, the PGA Championship odds event stands out. Whereas the other three Major events seem to delight in punishing the golfers by creating the most difficult course layout possible, this type of sadism is nowhere to be found in the PGA Championship betting odds competition. To be sure the PGA Championship odds event is no cakewalk. But it is also safe to say that the PGA Championship odds betting typically provides the lowest winning scores of any of the Majors. And this is by design.

Whereas the first three Majors of the years relish in challenging, perhaps even defeating the world’s best golfers, the PGA Championship odds event seeks to celebrate their talents and provide a forum, that will challenge and inspire the golfers to play their best golf. If that means a very low score in the PGA Championship betting odds, so be it. But typically, the PGA Championship odds committee has found the best balance between a layout that is challenging and one that also allows golfers to showcase their skills.

At the PGA Championship odds event you will not see greens keepers fired for not mowing the rough and other such spectacles that constantly bedevil other Major events like the US Open. Not that it isn’t interesting to watch the non- PGA Championship odds Majors and witness their idiosyncrasies, but they simply don’t seem as sporting as the PGA Championship betting odds action. And that is what is so appealing to so many golf betting fans about the PGA Championship odds event. It’s tough going out on the course, but if a player plays well he’ll be able to see his score in red and doesn’t have to be worried about be punished with pin placements by a vindictive grounds crew or tournament organizer.

The PGA Championship odds represent the best of the Majors in certain ways and the fair play attitude symbolized in the course layouts is certainly among these qualities. Whereas the other Majors tend to play as difficult as possible simply for the sake of preventing low scores, the PGA Championship odds event is all about celebrating the players’ talent rather than protect the reputation of a golf course.

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