PGA Championship Odds Betting Wide Open at SBG Global

November 30, 2010 Golf

PGA Championship odds are what professional golf betting is all about.

Although, not the most prestigious of the golf Majors, the PGA Championship betting odds competition is often the favorite tournament of the players on Tour. It is the last Major of the year and the scores in the PGA Championship odds competition tend to be much lower than in the other Majors which creates a much more relaxed and enjoyable playing atmosphere.

PGA Championship odds makers have been feverishly at work handicapping and dissecting the upcoming Major from the minute the British Opened as they do every year. Yet this year the PGA Championship odds betting will be especially interesting and the field is as wide open as ever. With the absence of world number one Tiger Woods due a knee injury there is no real favorite heading into the PGA Championship odds. And this means two things for golf betting fans: 1) it’s a great chance to pick a long shot in the PGA Championship odds and 2) the betting field is wide open and the PGA Championship betting odds could be the most exiting in the Majors this year.

This is the first time in a long while actually that the PGA Championship odds betting has been this competitive. Granted the wagering hasn’t officially begun but the field for the PGA Championship betting odds right now appears as wide open as it’s ever been. Every tournament that Woods enters, he’s automatically the favorite which gives the odds makers a grounded bearing. But the PGA Championship odds makers have no such luxury. And generally in the event that Woods is unable to play the number two ranked player, Phil Mickelson would be a choice for the PGA Championship odds makers to insert into the top spot.

But Mickelson has been playing frightfully bad of late and has sputtered in the tournaments (including the British Open) in the run up to the PGA Championship odds event.

As such there is no clear favorite and the PGA Championship betting odds, as a result are all over the place. For sports fans looking to wager on the PGA Championship odds this are great news. It might take a bit more work scouring the field for a PGA Championship odds favorite but if you pick right the rewards could be monumental. And that is the precise reason why the PGA Championship odds look so appealing this year to so many bettors.

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