PGA Champion Betting Likely To Be As Unpredictable As Other Majors In 2010

November 30, 2010 Golf

Betting on Major tournaments in 2010 has been a real role of the dice and the upcoming PGA Champion betting action will likely be more of the same.

In years past things were much simpler in the world of golf betting and when it came to betting on big events like the PGA Champion odds competition the plan has always been to bet on Tiger Woods, the heavy favorite, and let the chips fall.

But since Thanksgiving of last year Tiger has been going through well-documented problems in his personal life that have no doubt been a distraction to what he’s trying to do on the course.  He’s also gotten rid of long time swing guru Hank Haney and is sort of adrift in the world of golf betting at the moment.

He hasn’t won in almost a year in the PGA betting action and his streak of nine Majors without a win could run to ten if he’s unsuccessful in his quest to win this year’s PGA Champion betting competition.  That would match the longest such streak of his golf betting career and it’s because of this relative poor play that he’s not as highly favored in the PGA Champion odds as he’s been in years past.

It’s difficult to imagine a PGA Champion betting competition in which Tiger isn’t the favorite and he’s still got the best golf odds in the run up to the 2010 PGA Champion betting action but hardly a single sports betting fan is convinced that he’ll win; unlike many other years when it’s seemed that he has the victory in the bag.

But that’s the way that the betting on the Majors action has gone this year.  Without out Tiger dominating the field, it’s been almost like a grand awaking in the PGA odds competition.  The rest of the field now has a legitimate chance to win each golf betting tournament.  Instead of winning every other tournament he enters Tiger has failed to get even one golf betting victory in the calendar year so far and that’s opened the door for many other golfers to shine.

With the exception of Phil Mickelson winning the Masters the other Majors winners this year are relative unknowns and that’s good for the game of golf but not so good for golf betting fans.

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