PGA Champion Betting Preview: Long Ball Hitters Will Have Big Advantage

November 30, 2010 Golf

The beautiful thing about golf is that there are so many different facets to the game they’ll all be on display in the upcoming 2010 PGA Champion betting competition.

The short-game, the putting, the mid-irons, shot selections, creativity, ball-striking, etc, but probably one of the most important facets of the golf game that will be on display during this year’s PGA Champion odds competition will the long ball.

Very rarely do you see a course layout with the type of length that the 2010 PGA Champion betting action will have, and even rarer still, you almost never see that kind of distance at a PGA Champion odds Grand Slam event. 

The PGA Champion betting tournament is the last of the four Majors and generally the easiest layout.  While the Masters is held every year at the golf betting Mecca of Augusta and there’s really no way to make that course easy, and the US Open goes to new lengths every year to make that golf betting event impossible to score on, and of course the British Open, if there’s a bit of wind in play, always has a course lay out that is next to impossible.  But the PGA Champion betting tournament is generally the one that let’s players showcase their talents and the organizers don’t get offended if they players actually break par.

But this year the course layout for the PGA Champion betting tournament could make things interesting.  The final Major of the year will be held at the Whistling Straits course in Haven Wisconsin.  The course last hosted the PGA Champion odds competition in 1994.  Since then the course has been stretched to massive 7,514 yards.  The course has 5 Par 4’s, that push 500+ yards and amazingly three of the four Par 5s push 600+ yards.

Fortunately the fairways can be a bit forgiving and generally pretty wide by Major standards.  But this distance is the longest by far those players will see in any of the four Majors in 2010 and it will clearly separate the golf betting field into contenders and pretenders.  Many of the European players are likely to not even show up for the event and no doubt will complain about the ‘American’ style of the layout.

But in today’s top golf betting tournament’s you’ve got to be on top of the total game, not just pitching on to tiny greens in the wind.

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