Hardest layout in Golf Wagering at SBG Global

November 30, 2010 Golf

There are some golf wagering fans that love golf for the aesthetic beauty of the course, others for playing the odds on golf, and still others that are attracted to golf wagering because they love to see the players suffer.

Nowhere in golf wagering will you see players suffer more than at the US Open. This is traditionally the most difficult layout that you will see in odds on golf competition and the lengths to which courses have gone to protect this tradition is borderline crazy.

When the topic of golf wagering comes up among most golf wagering fans two things come to mind: great odds on golf action, and incredibly difficult layouts. As one of the four Major events professional odds on golf competition it is one of highest profile events around. And by most consensuses the golf wagering at the US Open can also be most difficult.

Each year the hosting duty of this iconic golf wagering event rotates to a different course. But the layout of the courses, no matter how different, remains sickeningly difficult from one golf wagering course to the next.  And even among all these many difficult course layouts, there are those that standout in their legendary golf wagering difficulty. The people that set the odds on golf competition at these events have a very difficult job.

One course that has been borderline insane in terms of layout is Oakmont, outside of Pittsburgh, PA. Not only is this a very long and difficult course in its own right, but the staff goes out of its way to make it nearly impossible whenever it hosts a top golf wagering event. The last time a US Open golf wagering event was held there the head groundkeeper was actually fired for making it too difficult on the odds on golf participants.

At any other golf wagering event that would have been unheard of, but at the crazy golf wagering event known as the US Open, that’s more or less par for the course. There are many fine events which to play the odds on golf but in terms of sheer difficulty you will rarely see anything harder than the US Open layouts.

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