Golf Odds Update: Tiger’s Reign at Top Comes to Halt

November 30, 2010 Golf

There used to be a relative level of certainty in life or at least in the golf odds action.

The sun rising the East, the Detroit Lions having a losing record and Tiger Woods being ranked #1 in the world were all certainties that people could set their watches to.  And while the sun is still rising in the east the Lions are still stinking up the NFL, Tiger Woods is no longer the #1 ranked golfers in the world.

The universe may feel a bit off kilter as Woods lost his top ranking in the golf betting action over the weekend, but rest assured it won’t be long before order is restored and Woods is back to his familiar position atop the competition.

Unless you’ve been orbiting the earth in a space pod you’re likely familiar with the sordid details of Woods’ personal problems over the past 12 months.  That no doubt had an effect on his golf –as well as the self-imposed absence from the game- and as  result he’s seen his once insurmountable lead in the world rankings evaporate and for the first time since 2005 he is no longer the top ranked golfer in the golf odds competition.

So who is the mighty golfer that knocked Woods off his perch?

Phil Mickelson? The great Ernie Els? Maybe Zach Johnson or a new comer like Major runner up Dustin Johnson?

Nope.  It’s the mighty Lee Westwood!

Not exactly the guy you expected but Westwood’s steady play in the golf odds over the past few years has finally paid off and no matter how brief his stay atop the world rankings, he can at least go down as a footnote in history as only the second man to knock Tiger from the top spot in the world rankings (Vijay Singh was the first).

But Westwood isn’t long for the top spot as he didn’t so much knock Woods out of that spot as Woods lost it to inactivity.  He played in just PGA tournaments in the past year (about one a month) and lost major ground by way of not competing

Granted he didn’t win any of the tournaments either but he’ll be back in action in the 2011 golf odds competition and you be sure he’ll be ready to reclaim his rightful place atop the rankings.  And even if he doesn’t the red hot Martin Kaymer is currently ranked #3 in the world and will likely takeover the #1 ranking if Woods doesn’t.

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