Golf Odds Spotlight: Will Tiger Woods Ever Regain His Mojo?

November 30, 2010 Golf

As an outside observer it’s pretty easy to say that 2010 was not a good year for Tiger Woods, either in his personal life or in the golf odds competition.

After the myriad tabloid reports about his unsavory personal behavior, etc, etc, and the highly publicized repots about his multi-million dollar divorce it couldn’t have been too much fun to be Mr. Woods in the past 11 months.

But more importantly for golf betting fans, Woods’ suffering on the course has been agonizing to watch for fans of the long time world #1 and arguably be the greatest the game has ever seen.

However, if you’ve seen Woods play lately you wouldn’t get that impression.  Golf is an extremely mental game and focus is imperative to any success.  That’s why Woods has been so successful in the past.  Aside his abundant natural gifts he had a mental toughness and a laser-like focus that allowed him to almost will himself to victory.

Since his Thanksgiving crash last year that resolve has been nowhere to be found and for the first time since turning pro he’s looking at going the entire year calendar year without a win.

To add insult to injury he recently lost his world #1 ranking in the golf odds competition and doesn’t like he’ll be in position to grab it back any time soon. 

Watching him compete in the end of the year events on the European Tour and other obscure events may be lucrative but even against inferior competition Woods still can’t break into the win column.  In a recent Skins match in Thailand he pulled out early with just $6,000 in skins.

It’s almost painful to watch.  It’s a bit like watching an aging Michael Jordan misses lay ups in a Wizards uniform.  But it’s worse.  At least Jordan was 40+ years old and even at his lowest point could still dazzle us with his jumper.

Woods has been awful at all facets of the game and at 34 years of age should be in his prime.

Clearly he is not and unfortunately for golf odds enthusiasts there is a very real possibility that he may never find his Mojo again.

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