Golf Odds Update: Europe Reigns Supreme at Ryder Cup

November 30, 2010 Golf

In a sport like golf there is so little emotion involved that when a rare outlet like the Ryder Cup presents itself in the golf odds competition you can forgive players for acting like little children.

There is simply nothing else like it on earth or anywhere in golf betting.  The usually reserved players who are the best in the business in the US and in Europe go nuts for four days as they these men who on most weekends compete over million dollar purses are paired together as teammates representing their respective geographies.

For a fan this event may not seem like a big deal and indeed it doesn’t appear all that different than any other golf match other than the fact that there are far fewer entrants.  But for the players it’s like catnip.  Give them a taste of it and they well over with emotion.

This year’s Ryder Cup, held in Wales and hosted by Europe, was certainly no exception as the two sides gutted it out and with the European’s prevailing at the wire. In fact, this year the competition was just about as good as it gets as the whole tournament went down to the last hole of the last match with American Hunter Mahan chunking a chip on the last hole to cost the American side a golf betting victory.

But fair play to the Europeans who took an early lead and despite being threatened by the USA squad –which actually pulled even heading into the last match, held off the challenger and claimed one of the most important sporting prizes on the European continent.

It’s a win the team can savor over the next several years until the next Ryder Cup, to be held on US soil, is held.

For the US squad it’s a bitter and disappointing defeat that was nearly a stunning come from behind win, but which ultimately fell short. Full of a mix of youngsters, rookies and steady veterans it was an interesting team to watch and the chemistry and make up of this team bodes well for the future of US participation in the Ryder Cup golf odds action.

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