Golf Odds Qualifications for the PGA Championship at SBG Global

November 30, 2010 Golf

Golf odds bettors are often unaware of what goes on behind the scenes in pro golf betting.

For example, the qualification process for golf betting odds events can be quite extensive and even complicated and that is certainly the case for the upcoming PGA Championship. The field for the last golf odds Major of the year has yet to be set, but the qualifying criteria is extensive indeed but also helpful to understand in order to maximize your chances in wagering the golf odds.

Golf odds wagers might be surprised to find that not every player on tour is eligible to play in the Majors. For example, Kenny Perry the best player on Tour so far in the PGA golf odds has yet to play in the Major tournament yet this year despite having won three golf odds tournaments this year and winning more money than anyone not named Tiger Woods. Yet the complex system of points scoring and finishing dating back several years used to qualify for most golf odds Majors has prevented him from playing in a single golf betting odds event in 2008.

Yet you can be sure that he’ll be there for the PGA Championship golf odds. And he’ll also likely be highly favored in the golf betting odds to win the thing. Perry has qualified by way of winning a PGA sponsored golf odds tournament over the past year. But that is just one of the many ways in which a golfer can qualify for the PGA Championship golf betting odds.

For example, all the members of the 2006 Ryder Cup team are exempted and automatically qualify for the PGA Championship golf odds event, as are the 70 leaders in purse winnings over the past year. This category pretty much covers all the top players in the PGA Tour golf odds and if you’re a player ranked in the top 50-60 you’re all but guaranteed a spot at the PGA Championship golf odds. In this way, the PGA Championship is a bit more egalitarian than some of the other Major golf betting odds events.

But there are also some lesser known ways of qualifying for the PGA Championship golf odds. If you are one of the twenty low scorers at the 2008 PGA Professional National Championship golf betting odds event you are automatically qualified for the Major. This is a great way of ensuring that new and young talent is introduced to the rigors of big time golf odds events.

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