Golf Betting Star in the Making: Anthony Kim at SBG Global

November 30, 2010 Golf

Ever since Tiger Woods took the online betting world by storm as a 21 year-old there has not been a young player to establish himself among the top players.

Golf betting has been lacking a good young star for over a decade. But with the emergence of Anthony Kim in this year’s online golf betting it looks as though this trend is about to change.

Golf betting is sustained by the continual replenishing of its talent with new young players. Over the past decade this process has been less critical to the online golf betting process since Tiger Woods has been so firmly affixed to the top of the talent pool that it has made little different who swims below him. In fact, the only challenge to Woods’ reign in his career as the number one golfer in golf betting came from Vijay Singh, a player a decade Woods’ senior. In terms’ of young golfers, there has yet to be any golfer to really stand up and make a name for himself in the golf betting.

Players like Justin Rose, Sergio Garcia and more recently Zach Johnson have all made bids to establish themselves as golf betting stars, but none has had much a of lasting impact. Anthony Kim is hoping to reverse that trend and become the next great young hope of online golf betting fans. With a hugely impressive skill set and the pedigree to achieve great things in the pro golf betting, he might just be the sports next great star.

So far in the 2008 golf betting season Kim has enjoyed great success. In fact he’s established himself in the discussion for the player of the year award in golf betting, something that a player under the age of 25 hasn’t done for quite some time. He has also become the only player under the age of 25 since Tiger to win multiple times in the PGA golf betting. And what’s even more impressive is that with plenty of golf left to play he appears to be just warming up.

A true test to Kim’s talent and ability will be with the upcoming PGA Championship. If Kim is able to win a golf betting Major, he’ll leap frog into the lead for the player of the year award and certainly help to cement his position as the next great player in golf betting. Another major step in his development in the pro golf betting ranks would also be to win the FedEx Cup at the end of the season. If Kim were able to accomplish one of those two major events he could certainly consider himself among the best golfers in the sport today.

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