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November 30, 2010 Golf

Golf betting is perhaps an acquired taster. It is not every day that you see people demonstrate the same enthusiasm to make a golf bet as they do to make a football or basketball bet.

But golf betting can be one the most exciting types of sports wagering out there and the there is simply no better form of golf betting than the kind you’ll find at the Masters Betting.

Golf betting has many signature events and many well known courses but few can rival the notoriety and elegance of the Masters experience. Golf betting fans are certainly familiar with the Augusta National Country Club and the wild golf betting scenes that have played out here. But for those that haven’t made a golf bet and are likely unfamiliar with this legendary course there are few things to keep in mind when gearing up the year’s most anticipated golf betting event which will be held the first week of April this year.

The first thing to keep in mind when contemplating a golf bet on the Masters is that this course is extremely fickle and leads can change like the wind here. All it takes is one bad hole to ruin a golfer’s score and golf betting fans should remember that that anything is possible. Just ask Greg Norman or Phil Mickelson, notorious chokers for those not familiar with golf betting, that have seemingly had the tournament in the bag only to see it all fall apart. If you make a golf bet, make sure to watch all four rounds to be sure of the winner, and if you do make a golf bet on a player that struggles at first, be patient as the players in front of him could easily falter and open the door back up.

Another good bit of golf betting advice is put you money on a player that is above all things accurate. Distance plays a very minor role in this golf betting venture and it matters little if a player can blast a 400-yard shot off the tee. In an age of monster courses, Augusta -even with its recent changes- is a relatively short course. The key to golf betting victory here is to be accurate off the tees and to be able to put. The greens are not nearly as crazy as they used to be, but they are still perhaps the hardest to put on anywhere in golf betting.

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