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November 30, 2010 Golf

The game of golf, as the legend goes was created in the Scottish highlands in the late 1400s.

Today, in the modern age of online golf betting, the fantastic pastime of golf betting continues to prove quite popular. And with access to golf betting easier today than ever before in the history of the game, we can truly look back and marvel at the great strides that have been made in golf betting.

The earliest recorded notice of golf and most likely golf betting, dates back to the year 1456. The Royal Society of Scotland maintains these records and there’s not proof golf betting being a part of this earliest recorded match or not, but anyone that is a true fan of the game certainly must believe that it was. And if we dissect this golf betting history just a bit more there is reason to believe that golf and most likely golf betting had been going on for quite some time before this record was made. Simply because this is the oldest written record of a golf match that we have found, certainly doesn’t imply that it was the first case of golf and golf betting ever undertaken in history.

And according to some people this is hardly the first instance of golf betting in any case. In the age of online golf betting the Chinese have recently laid claim to inventing the game of golf and indirectly golf betting. In the run up to the Olympics game the Chinese have laid claim to various sports such as skiing and hockey and also to golf. In the Western part of what is now modern China, government officials in Beijing have laid claim to golf betting’s genesis by providing artifacts found in the area dating back thousands of years. While it would be very difficult for anyone to authenticate these claims of golf betting origin, it’s certainly possible.

But one thing that is certain is that with all the advances made in the history of golf betting, none has been more important than the creation of the online golf betting industry which has allowed millions of fans access to the sport they love.

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