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November 30th, 2010 Golf

Golf betting games for most gamblers revolves around the four major tournaments. The Grand Slam tournaments are the Masters, U.S. Open, PGA and British Open. Betting on the Masters is probably the most popular type of golf betting.

Golf betting games really focus on the Grand Slam events. The Masters is the marquee tournament for golfers from around the world.  It gets great ratings on CBS and is something that everyone can relate to.  The other golf betting games tournaments fall behind the Masters in terms of ratings and interest although the U.S. Open gets some good golf betting interest.  The PGA would be the third of the golf betting games tournaments in popularity while the British Open would be last in terms of the majors.

Usually when you talk about a major golf tournament like the Masters the field is wide open.  Winning a golf tournament is like winning a NASCAR race in that it is not easy to do.  Usually many players have a chance to win in golf betting games.  That being said, Tiger Woods makes golf betting games a bit more interesting.  With Tiger involved in the major tournaments, that has changed a little bit.  If you like Woods to win you will get short golf betting odds but if you like anyone else you get very good value. 

In golf betting games you have two basic options.  You can make the normal win bet and choose who you think the winner of the golf betting games tournament will be.  You can also bet on individual golf matchups. When betting on a matchup all you need to do is have your golfer beat the other golfer in order to win.  That is pretty simple.   In past years Tiger Woods was heavily bet to win the tournament and his matchups and that will continue as long as he is involved in the majors.

When you look at golf betting games in terms of the majors you may want to really focus on matchups. Unless you really have a strong feeling on someone, then taking anything less than double digit odds is really tough to do with such a wide open field and with Tiger involved.  You will probably get great value on another golfer but what good does that do you if Tiger wins?

Golf betting games in terms of the majors is where many gamblers get involved in golf betting.  The golf betting games provide you with excellent options and a chance to win money.

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