FedEx Cup Golf Wagering heating up at SBG Global

November 30th, 2010 Golf

In just its second season of existence the FedEx Cup is already being hailed in some golf wagering circles as the greatest addition to the professional sport in decades.

The odds on golf community has long pushed for some sort of playoff system and after years of dilation finally came to agreement and chose the FedEx Cup as the sort of post season that golf wagering has long been missing. Last year’s great success of the Cup has placed added attention to this year’s golf wagering show down which should be an even bigger success according to most odds on golf trends.

Last year the inaugural title and a ton of cash were awarded to Tiger Woods which surprised almost no one in golf wagering. Odds on golf handicappers had expected Woods to win all along and so what was supposed to be the golf wagering high point of the season was a bit anti-climactic. And until just a few weeks ago it seemed as if there would be another predictable golf wagering conclusion to these odds on golf season as well. But since the news of Woods medical hiatus was first broken a great swell of golf wagering interest in the FedEx Cup has risen.

Currently Woods still leads in the points’ standings (which are assigned through various odds on golf formulas that reward top ten finishing and wins and assign different weight to different tournaments) but will be unable to play in the golf wagering tournament that will decide the title.

Among the players that will be battling for the second FedEx Cup golf wagering title Phil Mickelson leads all comers by a very slim measure.  Multiple golf wagering event winner Kenny Perry is a virtual tie with Lefty and these two are the front runners in the minds of odds on golf handicappers. But climbing through the ranks is 23-year old Anthony Kim who’s taking the golf wagering by storm. He’s currently fifth in the points’ standings and he and Stewart Cink look to have the best chance of making some noise when the golf wagering post season rolls around.

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