Europe Favored in Ryder Cup Betting at SBG Global

November 30th, 2010 Golf

Ryder Cup betting has the United States as a very slight underdog in the competition that begins on Friday.

Even though the U.S. has home field advantage with the Ryder Cup taking place in Louisville, Kentucky, the Europeans are favored in Ryder Cup betting due to their past success and overall talent. Ryder Cup betting odds are close though and that means the weekend should be full of great golf action.

Ryder Cup betting probably would have had the U.S. favored if Tiger Woods was playing, but since he is injured and out of the competition, the Europeans are slight favorites in Ryder Cup betting odds. "I think it’s OK to be the underdog," U.S. captain Paul Azinger said, "Somebody has to be the underdog, and it’s very rare that it’s evenly matched or a pick ’em.”

Ryder Cup betting history shows that America has lost five of the past six Ryder Cups and eight of the last 11. The last two results in Ryder Cup betting have been huge blowouts in favor of Europe.  Ryder Cup betting shows that Europe has the best golfer in Padraig Harrington who has won the last two majors. Ryder Cup betting facts show that the U.S. has no current major champion on the squad for the first time in Ryder Cup betting history. That is a fluke, however, since Woods is injured and not part of this Ryder Cup betting tournament. Ryder Cup betting odds show that the U.S. team is full of inexperience. Half of the U.S. team has never been a part of Ryder Cup betting. "We’re just going to have to see how we all handle it," said Steve Stricker. Ryder Cup betting odds haven’t been greatly affected though by the U.S. lack of experience. Perhaps that is because the U.S. has done poorly recently and rookies might help. "All the last few Ryder Cups, the Americans have always been the favorite and the Europeans have won," Stricker said. "So maybe it’s time to make a switch and we come out as underdogs."

Europe has played the underdog role in Ryder Cup betting in the past to perfection. Many times the U.S. would enter the competition with the stronger team on paper and end up losing in Ryder Cup betting. "I think we’ve been fortunate enough to find the right pairings, and they’ve worked well," said Spain’s Sergio Garcia, "Obviously for the Americans, it’s been a little bit the other way. They’ve been trying to find the right ones for a while, and they’ve seemed to struggle a little bit."

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