Could Tiger Be Out Of The 2010 Usa Open Betting Action?

November 30, 2010 Golf

Just when it seemed that Tiger Woods was about to make the jump back into full-time competition on the PGA betting circuit he went and wrenched his neck, putting his immediate future into question and perhaps derailing a shot at the US Open betting title.

Woods, perhaps the most famous athlete in sports betting has had a tumultuous past six months to say the least.  With his personal troubles on the front page of every tabloid on the planet and his own self-imposed exile from competitive golf betting, this has not been a productive stretch for the world’s number one golfer.  But even with very sub-par performances in his recent outings on the PGA betting circuit it looked as if he was ready to start resuming a full schedule on the golf betting tour and in prime shape for the upcoming Grand Slam events including the US Open odds action.

But after messing up his neck last week the US Open betting action may have to wait.  Woods has put a halt to all competitive golf betting events for the foreseeable future and will now focus on getting his neck pain diagnosed and treated.  Unless the injury appears very minor his entry at the 2010 US Open odds competition could be thrown into serious doubt.

If Woods is unable to play in the US Open betting competition it would be a major blow for sports betting fans everywhere.  Let’s be honest, Tiger Woods is the entire golf betting industry.  Without Woods in the golf betting odds there isn’t much public interest.  However, when Woods is in the tournament lineup the ratings are huge and the golf odds are in hot demand.

We’ll have to wait and see how this plays.  Woods is dying to get back on the course and he’d love to play the US Open back on Pebble Beach again where not too many years ago he dominated the field.  And it might just be the thing he needs to bust out of his recent golf wagering funk.

But at the moment he’s at the mercy of his medical staff and his golf betting future is anything but clear.

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