British Open Golf Odds – Turnberry Golf Course

November 30th, 2010 Golf Betting

The British Open golf odds may involve any of nine different courses, as the tournament rotates between these courses annually.

This rotation allows bettors wagering on the British Open odds an opportunity to wager on different courses, but it also provides some level of familiarity to veteran gamblers who have been wagering on the British Open golf odds for many years. The 2009 British Open golf odds will involve the tournament being played on the Ailsa Course of the Turnberry Resort in Scotland.

The British Open golf odds are naturally influenced by the course where the tournament is being held, as certain courses favor certain types of players, who should then be favored in the British Open golf odds. For instance, a course with particularly long holes may favor strong drivers, while a course with challenging greens may favor the most talented putters. Therefore, bettors analyzing the British Open golf odds should familiarize themselves with some details of the Ailsa Course. Interestingly, the area was used as an airfield during World War II and an airstrip is still visible in certain parts.

The last time gamblers had the opportunity to wager on British Open golf odds for Ailsa Course was in 1994. The Ailsa Course features a variety of holes with which gamblers of the British Open odds may wish to familiarize themselves. The course opens with three par-4s, but then moves to a short par-3 featuring a water hazard that may impact the British Open odds. The front nine only includes one par-5 (hole 7), but it is a challenging 538 yards that may also directly influence the British Open odds. In other words, golfers with all sorts of different abilities may thrive on this course, and, therefore, deserve consideration in the British Open golf odds.

The back nine is similarly varied, and features a short par-3 hole of only 175 yards (hole 11) and then a 559-yard hole for hole 17. Bettors analyzing the British Open golf odds should note that the final three holes are all over 450 yards, so it will take a strong driver to win the tournament at the very end. It can be difficult when handicapping the British Open golf odds to predict how different golfers will respond to each hole, so it is important to carefully watch the first round of each golfer one is considering in the British Open golf odds.

After having observed a player’s first round, it can be easier to see the player’s strengths and weaknesses on the course, and then wager on his updated British Open golf odds accordingly.

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