British Open Golf Odds for Padraig Harrington

November 30th, 2010 Golf Betting

The British Open golf odds for Padraig Harrington may very well attract nearly as much attention as the British Open odds for Tiger Woods.

Harrington is featured near the top of the board of British Open Golf odds, yet still behind players like Woods and Sergio Garcia. Nevertheless, it is Harrington’s success at the past two British Opens that will make his British Open Golf odds seem particularly appealing.

The British Open Golf odds for Harrington list him just behind the favorites of Woods, Garcia, and Rory McIlroy. Among those players, however, Tiger is the clear favorite in the British Open Golf odds, and the other players’ British Open odds are relatively similar. Even though virtually everyone handicapping the British Open Golf odds for 2009 would agree that Tiger is a far more talented golfer than Harrington, the recent success Harrington has enjoyed in the British Open demands consideration from anyone evaluating the British Open Golf odds.

As bettors who wagered on the British Open Golf odds in 2007 or 2008 will remember, Harrington won the tournament in both years, including a playoff victory over Garcia in 2007. In neither year was Harrington featured as the favorite in the British Open odds, so one should not count out the possibility that he will defy the British Open Golf odds and win for a third time.

Nevertheless, bettors assessing the British Open odds also should not simply assume that Harrington will easily walk away with another victory. He is certainly a top golfer, but his name generally is not mentioned in the same sentence as heavyweights like Tiger and Phil Mickelson. In fact, Harrington only boasts one Major Championship victory apart from his two British Open victories.

Moreover, it is extremely challenging to win such a competitive tournament for three consecutive years, and many bettors of the British Open Golf odds simply feel as though he will not find the same magic this year. However, such bettors should also remember that Mickelson is not featured in the British Open Golf odds of 2009 and Tiger has not been playing spectacularly since his knee surgery, so Harrington could actually have an easier path to victory than he has had before, even though Tiger was absent from the tournament last year.
Additionally, his other Major Championship victory came just last year at the PGA Championship, and three Major wins in 2007 and 2008 is nothing to scoff at. Therefore, even though Harrington will have to deal with many talented challengers in 2009, his recent performances indicate that his British Open Golf odds may still offer genuine value.

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