British Open Betting Odds for Rory McIlroy

November 30, 2010 Golf

The British Open betting odds feature Rory McIlroy as one of the most favored golfers in the tournament, despite the fact that he is only 20 years old.

McIlroy is clearly a talented golfer and there is no doubt that he belongs at the top of the British Open odds. Nevertheless, many gamblers analyzing the British Open betting odds remain skeptical as to whether a player as young as McIlroy can truly offer value in the British Open betting odds.

The British Open betting odds list McIlroy just behind the British Open betting odds of Tiger Woods and Sergio Garcia. In other words, the British Open odds have McIlroy favored over talented golfers including Ernie Els and Padraig Harrington, who are listed just behind McIlroy in the British Open betting odds.

The British Open betting odds demonstrate so much confidence in McIlroy simply because the young phenom has been continually improving since he became a professional in 2007, and little doubt remains that he can play with the top golfers in the world. Moreover, in February of 2009 McIlroy earned his first professional victory by winning the Dubai Desert Classic.

Although bettors analyzing the British Open betting odds know that such a tournament does not compare to the British Open, it nevertheless illustrates McIlroy’s ability to defeat his competition and win first place. Additionally, bettors assessing the British Open odds should remember that McIlroy comes from Northern Ireland, so he likely will be particularly focused on doing well in the British Open and the proximity to his home may serve as a slight advantage worth recognizing in the British Open betting odds.

Despite McIlroy’s precocious rise within the golf world, many bettors considering the British Open odds still feel as though it is premature for the British Open betting odds to favor McIlroy so highly. He may be talented, but winning a Major Championship demands a level of experience that McIlroy can not yet boast. Veterans of the British Open betting odds know that Harrington, for instance, has what it takes to win a Major Championship, but it may still be several years before McIlroy can actually win one of the Majors.

In fact, McIlroy’s best finish at a Major so far was his tenth place finish at the 2009 US Open. Therefore, some bettors feel as though the British Open betting odds should list McIlroy closer to golfers like Angel Cabrera than Sergio Garcia. In reality, if McIlroy won the British Open then many bettors would be quite surprised. Nevertheless, McIlory is clearly a rising star and such stars sometimes end up exceeding expectations and surprising the world.

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