British Open Betting Odds for Lucas Glover

November 30th, 2010 Golf Betting

The British Open betting odds for Lucas Glover would have attracted virtually no attention a few months ago.

However, Glover’s recent victory in the US Open means that some bettors will perceive value in his British Open odds, thinking that the American may be able to continue his magic. Nevertheless, most bettors analyzing the British Open betting odds feel as though Glover has very little chance to actually win in 2009, meaning his British Open betting odds may still offer little real value.

The British Open betting odds are always somewhat influenced by the results of the US Open because it is the Major that precedes the British Open by only a short span of time. The US Open is obviously useful for handicappers analyzing the British Open odds because it demonstrates how different golfers are performing just before the British Open betting odds are released.

Some bettors of the British Open betting odds feel as though it is unwise to pay too much attention to the US Open results when assessing the British Open betting odds, but the US Open is worth considering nonetheless. The 2009 US Open was won by Glover, who is considered a talented yet mediocre golfer, and has spent most of his career bouncing in and out of the Top 50 rankings.

Nevertheless, after such an amazing show at the US Open, in which he outplayed superstars like Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson, some bettors feel as though it is worthwhile to wager on Glover’s British Open betting odds. The British Open odds list Glover around the middle of the pack, so a winning wager on Glover would pay out very well.

Nevertheless, some bettors looking for value in the British Open betting odds see little reason to think Glover can parlay his US Open victory into a British Open victory. Such bettors would point out that Glover’s best finish at a Major, apart from his recent US Open victory, involved tying for twentieth at the 2007 Masters. Moreover, his best finish at a British Open involved tying for twenty-seventh in 2007. In other words, Glover is not the type of elite golfer one expects to win in consecutive Majors.

His British Open betting odds have undoubtedly been affected by his recent victory, but the fact that he still is not favored very highly in the British Open odds indicates that most bettors wagering on the British Open betting odds have little faith in Glover.

Clearly, if Glover can play as well in the 2009 British Open as he did not long ago in the US Open then his British Open betting odds would be a steal. However, most bettors simply doubt Glover can come anywhere near repeating that amazing performance.

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