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November 30th, 2010 Golf Betting

Betting golf for most gamblers involves looking at matchups. That is where most of the value lies when making a golf bet. Let’s consider some tips you can use when betting golf matchups.

Betting golf matchups should start with basic handicapping.  That means looking at past history. First, how have the golfers done at this particular tournament?  We want to select a golfer when betting golf tournaments that has had reasonable success at this week’s event and preferably have him matched up against someone that has struggled at this tournament. 

Second, we look at the course for this week’s tournament and see if it favors a certain type of player.  Some courses are suited to players that have great distance while other courses are tailored to golfers that stay in the fairway.  If we have a course that is favoring long hitters we would want golfers in our matchups that were among the leaders in driving distance.

All of the golfing statistics can be found on the PGA Tour’s web site.  Third, we want to find a betting golf matchup where we have advantages in more than one area.  It would be nice to have someone that does well in a tournament, has better statistics for the course than his opponent, and is not a huge favorite in our golf bet.  All of these factors can be taken into consideration when you are betting golf matchups.

You may also want to consider betting golf in another way and that is taking a golfer to win a tournament.  The problem with this golf bet is that it is difficult to find value.  Getting 10-1 or more is almost mandatory as you are betting golf tournaments considering how difficult it is to win each week.  Any week that Tiger Woods is entered into a tournament you will always get better value on other golfers just for the simple fact that Woods is playing.  The problem with that value when betting golf tournaments is that there is no value in a loser and that is what happens to your golf bet when Woods wins. And there is not enough value betting on Woods each week to offset the low odds.

When you look at betting golf try and keep some of these things in mind. The more information you can get when betting golf the better off you will be. Finding that extra edge gives you a chance at making a profit when betting golf, and that is always the long-term goal.

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