Tips for Betting Golf Odds at SBG Global Sports Betting

November 30th, 2010 Golf Betting

Golf odds provide interesting wagering opportunities for bettors each week. The golf odds include future bets on which golfer will win a tournament and golf odds on matchups.

Golf odds on players to win a tournament are sometimes hard to pick unless you wager on Tiger Woods.  Golf betting odds in terms of matchups are a little easier to get a handle on. 

If you are placing a bet on the outcome of a golf tournament then you are going to have to look at a variety of factors and even after all of your handicapping you are going to need some luck and you need value in golf odds.  As you look at the golf odds you need to look at the strengths and weaknesses of players on particular courses. 

That is the best tip for golf betting odds.  Players are like teams in sports.  They have favorite courses and favorite locales in which they play well.  As you look at golf odds you also want to consider other statistics like driving distance, putting, scoring average, etc.  You can oftentimes match these stats up with the particular course and evaluate them in terms of golf odds.

After looking at some of the golf odds stats you can then look for value on the golf betting odds board.  Just because you find good information does not always mean you will win.  You need to find value on the golf odds board as well.  You really need that value if you are looking to bet a player to win a tournament in terms of golf odds.  As you look at future bets in terms of golf betting odds you want to remember that you need enough value to make up for a few losses.  You won’t pick every winner in a tournament so you need enough value to compensate for the losing selections.

A better way to look at golf betting might be the matchups.  These give you a better chance to consistently win money.  You are only worried about beating the other golfer in order to win your wager.  These wagers can also offer value if you find good statistical edges for one golfer against another.  Take a look at betting golf in terms of a wager on a golfer to win a tournament or on one of the matchups.

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