Betting Golf

Golf betting at SBG involves two main options. You have the option to bet on a golfer to win the tournament and you have the option to bet a golfer in the individual matchups.

Let's look at both of those golf betting options so you understand each of them. Betting on a golfer to win the tournament is very simple. You choose which golfer you think will win and if he wins you get paid at the set golf

Usually it is like a NASCAR race where you have odds on someone to win that range from 2-1 all the way up to 100-1 or more. For example, Tiger Woods might be 3-1 to win this week’s golf betting games tournament.

If he wins you get $300 for every $100 you wagered on Woods, plus your original $100. That is where the 3-1 comes from. Since it is usually difficult to predict which golfer will win a tournament, other than Woods, the odds are usually 10-1 or more for most golfers in a golf betting games tournament. Betting a single golfer to win a tournament is sometimes difficult but if you get double digit odds it can at least be exciting in golf betting.

The other basic golf betting option is the matchup. That is where you have one golfer pitted against another on the golf betting board. All you have to worry about is your golfer beating the other golfer. For example, you might have Tiger Woods against Phil Mickelson. Woods might be -240 and Mickelson +200. This is a straight money line bet in golf betting games where you risk $240 for every $100 you want to win on Woods and get back $200 for every $100 you risk on Mickelson. This is just head to head golf betting and you don’t worry about anything other than your golfer finishing better than the other golfer. Matchups are a great way to get involved in golf betting games.

Consider both of these options the next time you are looking at golf betting. They are exciting and keep you in action throughout the weekend with a real chance to win money. SBG will post golf betting odds each weekend for you to consider.