Bet on British Open and on Lefty

November 30th, 2010 Golf Betting

There are the players that they pick in the sportsbook betting, and then there are the players in the bet on British Open odds that they secretly root for.

Phil Mickelson seems to be one of the guys that fans secretly hope can grab a British Open betting title but for some reason it never seems to work out.

Bet on British Open wagering lines always list Mickelson among the favorites. And why not considering that he’s the number player in the world, consistently among the leaders at big events and wins his share of sportsbook titles? The answer to that of course is that Lefty has never won a bet on British Open title and anyone that has ever bet on British Open action can tell you that he is perhaps the biggest choker in the game.

It’s a sad title to have added to an otherwise impressive resume but the truth is many British Open betting fans will not bet on British Open odds favoring Mickelson because they’re afraid he’ll choke. Even if he managed to carry a big lead into the weekend and on Sunday the consensus of many bet on British Open fans is that Lefty will find a way to lose it. We’ve seen over and over at the US Majors Mickelson ride a lead into the weekend, in some cases the final hole of the tournament and squander it. The bet on British Open golf action is highly unforgiving and the slightest of errors can end competitors British Open betting hopes.

But aside from his apparent proclivity to crumble in the big tournaments, Lefty has never done well at the bet on British Open events. For some reason his game just doesn’t translate to overseas success, which is strange. His wizardry with his irons and short game seem tailor made for bet on British Open layouts. But so far he’s never made much of a splash when it comes to bet on British Open golf.

This year he has even more reason not to play well –or even play at all. With his wife battling breast cancer there is much speculation that he might skip the bet on British Open event all together in order to be with his family.

But if he does play, and he’s able to focus on the bet on British Open golf and block out the pressing distractions, he’s got a decent shot. He’s playing as well as anyone on Tour right now and despite blowing a shot at the US Open he had a chance to win another major. Still, this doesn’t seem like Phil’s year to conquer his bet on British Open golf curse.

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