Best Major to place a Golf Bet on at SBG Global

November 30th, 2010 Golf Betting

What it boils down to is personal preference of the person making the golf bet and what they look for in a golf betting game.

Trying to rate which golf Major to place a golf bet on can be a daunting task. Each of the Major golf betting game tournaments has its distinctly attractive characteristics that provoke tens of thousands of fans to make a golf bet.

The four Majors are all so unique that it’s difficult to lump them all together and compare them in golf bet terms. The Masters, the US Open, the British Open and the PGA Championship all have certain traits that one golf bet fan may love and another golf bet fan may despise. All in all, the four great golf betting game contests are great events, it simply depends on what type of golf bets you like to make and what kind of golf you like seeing played.

People that make a golf bet on the Masters have a multitude of reasons for doing so. What is most unique about this Major is the fact that it is played on the same course every year, a rarity in golf bet competition. And what a course it is, as it’s become almost more famous in the golf bet world than the Masters itself. Augusta National is arguably the most beautiful course in any golf betting game and is deadly challenging as well. It is simply the crown jewel of the golf bet world.

The US Open is blood and guts type of golf bet event that generally plays the most difficult of any event on Tour. In recent years it has become a contest to see which course could host the most difficult layout and that has been a turn off to golf bet enthusiasts and players alike.

The British Open can also play extremely difficult but it can also play relatively easy and that dichotomy is what draws in the golf bets. Depending on the weather the links layout of the UK courses are great thing to place a golf bet on -that and the rich golf bet tradition there.

And lastly the PGA Championship in August represents the last time in the calendar year to make a golf bet on a Major. The PGA generally plays a little easier than the others and it’s a great showcase for the players’ skill and maybe the most enjoyable of the Majors to place a golf bet on.

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