The best Golf Bet you can make at SBG Global

November 30th, 2010 Golf Betting

When it comes making golf bets there is simply nothing better than making a golf bet on a Major event.

For anyone that has ever played the golf betting game there is little comparison between the average PGA Tour golf bet event and the four Majors. It’s difficult to explain, but everything at the Majors seems somehow better, even placing a golf bet is much better.

For golf bet fans not familiar with the Majors, it’s a similar concept to the Grand Slam events in tennis. For anyone thinking of making a golf bet, the Majors represent the best competition that golf betting game offer. Simply put the Majors are the best of the best and the top prize for golf bet enthusiasts. The courses are better, the players are better and the competition is as good as any golf bet fan will find. The only problem with the Majors, in the eyes of most golf bet fans, is that there are only four of them.

The top golf betting game contests consist of the Masters, the US Open, the British Open and the PGA Championship. Ask anyone that has ever made a golf bet and they will tell you that these events are the golf bet crème de la crème. And the great thing about each of these golf betting game classics is that they each have their own distinct qualities and personalities. Placing a golf bet on the Masters is much different than placing a golf bet on say the British Open. It’s that type of diversity that has made golf bets on Majors such an intriguing practice in the golf betting game community.

The Majors have always been prized by fans making golf bets, but the hysteria over Majors has grown tremendously in the past decade, much of that having to do with Tiger Woods’ obsession with them and in turn golf bet fans’ obsession with Woods. In fact, Majors have never been more popular targets of golf bets than the present. Golf betting game great Jack Nicklaus has even commented that that he would have tried harder to win if he’d known that they would become so important in the future. His own golf bet record of 18 Majors is awfully good, but it’s just a matter of time before Woods owns that record as well, and turns the golf bet Majors record book on its head.

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